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Welcome to KJTorriS SportS BreakS.

No veteran base ships unless stated in the break.


  This site is run solely by me, Clyde. I’ve been an avid collector since I can remember, with some of my favorite childhood memories centered on this hobby. My site is based on recreating the Local Card Shop atmosphere, without leaving the comfort of home. Customer service and quality are my focus with many of my customers becoming my personal friends.


   Collecting was my passion and centered mostly on chasing Ohio State players. I separated myself from collection shortly after having my daughter Taylor. This departure from collecting left me somewhat hallow. Collecting has always been my passion, not indulging in the random packs of wax left me itching for fresh cards to add to my once grand PC. After 7 years on the wagon, I fell off! My discovery of the breaker world sparked a repressed passion for this hobby. After joining many breaks, from many different breakers, I became annoyed at the lack of care taken in handling my precious new cards. This annoyance turned to an idea. Why don’t I break?


  Later that next month, I convinced my older brother to do a few breaks on ebay. The first few breaks were turbulent but we quickly developed a rather large following. Doing case breaks 5 days a week, with focus on protecting the cards, customer service and quick shipping. Several months later my brother decided to move, leaving me with a choice. Do I continue doing this on my own? Or, walk away from this amazing hobby again. After several nights a decision was made. I decided to leave the annoyance of auction breaks and shift all of my time to breakers.com. This shift allowed me to be more creative with inventory and the contents of the breaks. With help from several friends, I started the Hybrid Mixer. The Hybrid Mixer has been my main style of breaking up to this point. Giving the buyer two teams per spot purchased. The first team is a random order draft style. All buyers names are randomized online and buyers draft their teams in order. The remaining teams are then randomized in the same fashion minus the draft.


  This style of breaking has been extremely popular, with many other breakers adopting its format. My other main focus is Pick-A-Pack. This is as simple as it sounds. Any buyer can purchase individual packs of whatever product is currently available. This brings the Local Card Shop feel to an internet based store.


  My love for this hobby drives my passion for breaking. Understanding that the cards I open are not mine and must be treated as such. I wear gloves and cut the packs open to minimize any possible damage to your cards. Some find this excessive, I do not. Some cards are extremely delicate and need to be treated with care to preserve that pack fresh condition.


  I vow to strive to be the best breaker in the business, without losing the personal touch. Try my breaks if you like, or hang out and chat in the room. My personal number is always available, within reason!

   Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my site. I hope you enjoy it and have FUN!



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